Children are Natural Learners

“Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time.” – Chinese Proverb

Children are natural learners. Let’s remember that as we help them become the best versions of themselves.

“The way things are done” might have worked for a certain time period, and they might not have, but the time is now. Tune into what’s happening now with each child on an individual level. There’s so much focus on being “on level” that it doesn’t leave room for individuals to recognize their true strengths.

Many people may find that their children aren’t in an environment where this would work, but that doesn’t mean the idea has to be scrapped. I’m of the belief that instead of saying what can’t be done, one should ask, “how can I do this and make it work for my situation?” Weekends and evenings are a great place to start looking if you don’t feel your life aligns to this concept.

But the point is that we all benefit when we allow children to develop their own unique talents and skills. The world truly grows when we allow people to explore and learn in comfortable ways. Everything doesn’t have to be rigid.

Remember, children are natural learners until you take them out of that vibration.

Here are some other thoughts on this same idea.

When a kid wants to know, they want to find out. Not later, not next week, but right away. Finding out is engaging. It leads to ever widening curiosity. In our family this process of discovery-to-mastery started early. – Raising Science-y Kids on the Cheap

Encourage natural interests. Children learn so much more through activities that capture their attention and imaginations. If he likes music, play it for him often, make and play instruments together, dance together. If bugs are her thing, give her a shovel and a net. Find books on bugs and read to her. – Tips on Nurturing Your Child’s Curiosity

I looked at my son and realized that he has been learning since birth. He knows how to question and explore the world and I know how to follow his lead and expose him to new information. I look at his interests, his passions, and I nurture them. I am a resource librarian and I chart these unfamiliar waters with him. Ann Scanlon Why I Choose to Unschool My Son

Society always says to let kids be kids but when it comes to learning that goes out the window because everything has to be on schedule, on time, and according to the list.

But what kind of adults would the world be filled with if we had a foundation of children who were able to tune into their own natural genius?


  1. This reminds me a lot of how I grew up. While I attended regular public schools (in Germany), a lot of my learning came in a natural way. My parents always did interesting things and gave me the opportunity to see a lot and let my own curiosity help me learn.

  2. Yes, so true. If you put too much pressure on a child to be a certain way, you are placing a stigma in him or her to be something they’re not, and they will carry it with them forever.

  3. Sometimes as adults, we want things to be done our way and we often forget that younger generations have their own different perspective too and that they have their own way of learning. Thank you for reminding us about this ??

  4. The Chinese proverb reminds me of an aunt that trains her kids the same way she was, years ago and gets so mad when that doesn’t work. Glad that she’s now slowly giving them some room to do their own thing.

  5. I totally agree! I let me kids guide me when we’re choosing our family activities and it’s been fascinating to learn more about the things they are interested in!

  6. Thank you for the post, it was great to read and I agree with you, as I was growing up I didn’t really learn much from school I learned for my surroundings and from every day things.

  7. This is so true. Kids have there own ways of coping and learning things. Best way to learn always come naturally and we cannot push them the way we always want. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this.

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