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Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide is a fun and lighthearted book where you pick up a few dinosaur facts while wondering why Nibbles is nibbling through the pages of the book. You see, there are cut outs and pop ups that add to the excitement of the story.

So while you are learning what a Triceratops is (and I love that the page has tri-SERRA-tops

written on it), you are also wondering where nibbles went and what page he is going to chew through next.
Starfire seemed to be amused by the book. The drawings and pop ups held his attention. When I assumed that he was done reading the book, I found that he will still sitting there going through the pages. This pleased me because it’s not always easy for him to sit quietly and amuse himself.

Mr. Mystic described the book as “awesome” because it’s both nonfiction and fiction.

As a parent I must mention that if mentions of poop and gas are offensive to you, here’s a heads up that you might not find this book to be amusing. However, because of the colorful pictures, the interactivity, and the large size, I feel that Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide would make a great birthday gift, or a gift to just add to any home library collection.

Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide
Author and Illustrator: Emma Yarlett
Published 2017 by Kane Miller Publishing
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